Dykonography 101: Annie

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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

The Scottish-born ’80s icon discovered the ‘play-gay’ card by accident. Interested in the way gender was presented, Lennox began to experiment with androgyny in the ’80s. Not only did she sport a shaved head and flat-chested look but she would often dress in a suit. When The Eurythmics released the gay anthem “Sisters are Doing it for Themselves”, her lesbian following began to swell and fans eagerly awaited her ‘coming out’. However, it never came. “Unfortunately, I am terribly heterosexual” she said in a recent interview. She went on to claim that her life would have been ‘much easier’ if she had been gay.

-excerpted from “Play Gays” article in Fyne Times Gay and Lesbian Magazine, UK (read the rest)

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