Dykonography 101: Me’shell

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Me'shell Ndegéocello

Me'shell Ndegéocello

Singer, songwriter, and bassist Me’shell Ndegéocello is a notably eclectic artist whose music frequently confronts social and sexual issues, including racial identity, same-sex attraction, and homophobia. Throughout her career, Ndegéocello has been open about her bisexuality. In interviews, she has spoken about her relationships with choreographer Winifred R. Harris and writer and activist Rebecca Walker, and she sports a “Rebecca” tattoo on her neck. However, while she continues to sing and write about sexual identity and sexuality, since the break-up of her relationship with Walker, Ndegéocello has become more reticent with interviewers about details of her private relationships with lovers, friends, and family members.

She is also known by the name Me’shell Suhaila Bashir-Shakur, which she adopted several years ago after converting to Islam.

-excerpted from Krista L. May‘s glbtq entry (read the rest)

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